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Top 27+ Marketing Jobs To Pursue After Studying with Us

The Degree, Bachelor of Marketing Management (Business Administration), NQF7, from Katapult Business School, equips you with the tools to obtain your dream job as shown below. There are many possible career opportunities to explore in Marketing Management. This list of possible careers is by no means comprehensive:

Product Development

Job DetailsProduct Development Job Examples
Focus can range from (new or continuous) development of
the products, to design and innovation, to business-focused,
to logistics and channel, to customer-focused etc.
•Research and Development Technologist
• New Product Management Technologist

Marketing Communications

Job DetailsMarketing Communication Job Examples
Marketing Communications refers to how the message
of the brand is portrayed to the potential customer. It’s a
massive industry and growing.
• Marketing Communications Manager
• Brand Manager
• Public Relation Manager
• Advertising
• Digital Marketing Managers
• Social Media Manager
• Affiliate Marketing Manager
• Content Marketing
• Media Buyer

Channel Marketing

Job DetailsChannel Marketing Job Examples
Its important that your customers have easy access to your
products and services (and that you get feedback).
• Logistics Manager
• Marketing Channel Manager
• Retail Marketer

Marketing Research

Job DetailsMarketing Researcher Job Examples
There are many varieties of this position. Further, there are
numerous opportunities available globally as the analytical
skills required for these positions are scarce.
• Market researcher
• Market analyst

Ultimately Senior Marketing Positions

Job DetailsTop Position Job Examples
Top level positions largely involve developing visions, missions, and integrated marketing strategies and then
ensuring implementation by the lower levels of the
• Marketing Manager
• Marketing Strategist
• Chief Marketing Officer

Other opportunities:

• Global Marketer
• Project Manager
• Web Search Engine Optimization Specialist
• Web Producer
• eCommerce Manager
• Sales Manager
• Account Executive
• Or, own your own business