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Registration Terms & Conditions

  /  Registration Terms & Conditions

1. The Application for Registration Form becomes a binding contract between the applicant and the Katapult Business School (Pty) Ltd (hereafter referred to as “Katapult”) upon the signature of the forms by the applicant and/or parent/guardian/payer and the payment of a Confirmation Deposit (if applicable). In the case where no Confirmation Deposit is stipulated, the signature of the parent/guardian and/or applicant shall be sufficient.

2. The Application for Admission form signed by the student and/or parent/guardian becomes a declaration of the true state of affairs at the time of signature and the contents recorded therein shall be construed as part of the contract and therefore binding on the signatories.

3. The commencement date of the Contract shall be the day the registration form is signed by applicant and/or parent.

4. I/we, the undersigned parent/guardian/payer, hereby consent to the payment of the tuition fees according to the terms and conditions stipulated in this contract. Furthermore, I/we hereby bind myself/ourselves to Katapult as surety and co-principal debtor with the student for the payment of all tuition fees which may be due and payable as a result of this contract.

5. I/we agree to abide by the rules and regulations of the Katapult with regard to regular class attendance, proper conduct and completion of internal assignments, tests and other work as directed by the officials of the School. See also Clause 10.

6. In the event of the student failing, being unable or unwilling to attend the classes at the start of the academic year, or interrupting or discontinuing his/her studies during the academic year, I/we agree that no portion of the tuition fees shall be refundable, and I/we shall remain liable for the full payment of the outstanding tuition fees which shall be deemed to be due and payable at that time in full. In this regard, also refer to clause 12.

7. Furthermore, I/we agree that the Katapult or its officials shall not be held responsible for any loss of personal property or injury on the Katapult premises during the study period.

8. I/we hereby agree that my/our residential address as stated on the front page of the Application for Admission Form is also my/our chosen domicilium citandi et executandi. I/we hereby agree to notify Katapult of any change in regard to the application by registered post and such change shall be effective after receipt of written confirmation regarding any change from Katapult.

9. I/we further agree that should any legal proceedings be instituted against me, I/we will be liable for all legal costs on an attorney and client scale and accrued interest.

10. If an account remains unpaid for more than 30 days from the date it was due for settlement, Katapult reserves the right to levy interest at the rate of 1% per month from the due date to the date of final payment.

11. I/we agree to abide by the specific School rules as stipulated in the Katapult Code of Conduct which forms part of this contract (a copy of which is available upon request).

12. Should the student and/or the parent elect to cancel the Agreement, the Cancellation Process will come into effect.