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Full-Time Tuition and Examination Fees

At Katapult we want every prospective student to be given the opportunity to learn and grow with us, empowering them with the skills they need to compete and thrive in the competitive and rewarding world of business management and marketing. That’s why we offer multiple flexible payment options for your marketing degree tuition fees.

Take a look at our 5 varying payment options to find the solution that works best for you, and get ready to join your fellow aspiring marketing gurus and entrepreneurs on our marketing degree course.

Option 1: Tuition Fees (R68 000)

Upfront payment/ by end of January: (70%) R47 600

By end of March: (10%) R6 800

By end of June: (10%) R6 800

By end of August: (10%) R6 800

Option 2: Tuition Fees (R68 000)

Upfront payment/ by end of January: (25%) R17 000

By end of Feb: (25%) R17 000

By end of March: (25%) R17 000

By end of April: (25%) R17 000

Option 3: Tuition fees (plus 1%) (R68 680)

Five equal instalments (20%) R13 736

Upfront payment/ By end of January: (20%) R13 736

By end of Feb: (20%) R13 736

By end of March: (20%) R13 736

By end of April: (20%) R13 736

By end of May: (20%) R13 736

Option 4: Tuition fees (plus 1,5%) (R69 020)

The fees can be paid over a period of nine months in the following manner: Upfront payment / by the end of January: (20%) R13 804, (10%) R6 902 per month thereafter, the first instalment being at the end of February and ending at the end of September.

Option 5: Tuition fees (minus 2.5%) (R66 300)

Full payment by end of January:

Discount granted: R1700

Payment by 31 January: R66 300

The fees structure above refers to the February intake. A similar structure will apply to the July intake. 


The tuition and examination fees above are for an entire academic year consisting of two semesters.

Methods of payment

A student has three payment options:

Cash or cheque at the campus reception.

Electronic funds transfer.

Direct Deposit into the School bank account (see details below). Bank charges levied on CASH deposits will be for the account of the student and/or parent or company.

Banking details

ACCOUNT NUMBER: 409-514-7348

Please note: The Katapult Business School does not operate a credit card facility.

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