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Marketing Degree

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Marketing Management Degree

Katapult Business School is a private higher education institution that offers a unique three-year marketing degree, the Bachelor of Marketing Management (Business Administration) at NQF level 7.

Introduction To Our Marketing Management Degree

By studying a marketing management degree course at Katapult, candidates will be exposed to real-life business and marketing environments to facilitate and reinforce the process of applying theoretical models from the fields of business and marketing management.


The world of marketing and business management is an exciting and buzzing field, and with the right skills and critical/creative thinking, you can make a name for yourself in it. Equipping yourself with a degree from a reputable business and marketing school not only gives you the leverage you need to get into this industry but empowers you with the tools and best practices you need to succeed.

Why is Katapult’s Marketing Management Degree unique?

  • Extensive practical skills in solving marketing and business problems through our Integrated Learning Programme
  • All-encompassing marketing degree backed by forty years of experience
  • Modules focus on practical learning rather than just pure theory
  • Personalised face-to-face tuition (online while under lockdown)
  • Innovative and industry-surpassing content
  • Internationally recognized

Is this a Marketing Management Degree for you?

  • We teach you to think outside the box
  • We encourage you to be creative and find your own solutions to a variety of problems
  • We want you to succeed and will help you do this through extra lessons, soft-skill tuition and an open-door policy
  • We help launch your marketing and business management career when you graduate by assisting you to find a great job
  • We provide you with the full marketing skillset toolbox
  • We will catapult your marketing career and set you apart from other marketing graduates

Do You Meet The Requirements?

Find out if you meet the requirements and are eligible to apply for our Marketing Managemen Degree.

What our previous students have to say

Liezl De Beer Katapult Business School Review


Firstly to thank Mr Zachos and your staff for 4 special meaningfull years for Liesl at your college. From a parents perspective it was certainly wonderfull to see Liesl mature and from very early on, see her use her new found knowledge in many aspects of her life. Then secondly thank you for your assistance in helping Liesl being placed at what seems to be a wonderfull company that will certainly give her a fantastic opportunity to now put into practice some of her newly acquired marketing skills.

Samantha Visser Katapult Business School


Your level of education was superior to that of any I had ever received, and it is for that I am forever grateful. I have been employed by a former student of yours (I believe you are aware of this) as a Marketing Intern. For all this, I owe you a massive thank you because it was your reference letter written to me that instantly influenced my employment.

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