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The internet is brimming with ideas on how to improve your life.  If you attempted them all you would literally have no time to make yourself a peanut butter sandwich for lunch.  From getting 10 hours of sleep a night (who sleeps that much!?) to overhauling your diet to bird seed and lettuce and making sure to give yourself aromatherapy-induced coma at every bath time, you would be overwhelmed with the anxiety-inducing lists

The Degree, Bachelor of Marketing Management (Business Administration), NQF7, from Katapult Business School, equips you with the tools to obtain your dream job as shown below. There are many possible career opportunities to explore in Marketing Management. This list of possible careers is by no means comprehensive: Product Development Job DetailsProduct Development Job ExamplesFocus can range from (new or continuous) development ofthe products, to design and innovation, to business-focused,to logistics and channel, to customer-focused etc.•Research

I recently posted a job position on a popular career platform looking for a member to join our Katapult team and to my surprise, 500 applications filled my inbox.  Sifting through the many over-qualified applicants who have sent us their CVs from all over the country, I noticed how few marketing professionals submitted a CV even though the position called for a sales and marketing professional.  What has happened to all the marketing

Educating young adults in the fields of Marketing and Business Management at a tertiary level for many years has alerted me to some disturbing public perceptions and unyielding “truths”.  Many of these perceptions have come from enrolled students themselves, who despite having undergone the process of registering to study at a degree level, do not quite know what it is that they have enrolled for.   Were they not educated and guided by their teachers or