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Who Is Katapult

Katapult Business School may look new to the outsider, but in fact, it has a long history in the making.

Katapult's Founding Member

Mr Zachos, has been associated with other tertiary institutions within the business and marketing education sector for over 30 years. Along the way he discovered that there were many unmet needs and deficiencies in the offerings of these institutions within the South African education system broadly, and, in particular, within the business and marketing education sector. Katapult's offering is our carefully orchestrated attempt at rectifying these unmet needs and deficiencies and our promise is to take it further and triumph in excellence.
About Katapult’s


Katapult’s launch brings with it a holistic and progressive business and marketing degree. We are quite certain that this three-year (NQF 7) degree surpasses other comparative degrees in the following ways:
A book with calculations

Analytical Skills

Katapult acknowledges the importance of analytical skills not only in the workplace but in the broader context as well. It teaches and reinforces these necessary tools to the K-Student.

Laptop bag and laptop

Practical Experience

Katapult recognises that practical experience is not something that can be taught from a textbook and undertakes at every chance to afford the K-Student with practical application opportunities

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All-Round Degree

Katapult is an all-round degree that is designed in such a way to give the K-Student the very best opportunity to walk straight from qualification thereof into their desired career field.

More Each Student Brings

Something To The Table

Each Student is Recognised and Valued for their unique contribution to the classroom


That each skill or talent can be harnessed to the benefit of that student and where any weaknesses may exist - these weaknesses can be overcome with the right teaching methodologies, the right subject content and the grit and determination of the student.
Potential We

Believe In

Our K-Students and we drive them to do well and find their highest potential.


About K-Base


Growing library, online database and access to library computers

Free unlimited Wi-Fi

K-Shop with the necessities to energise and fill the belly

Plenty of parking with outdoor chill spot

Inside student-only Relax area

Situated midway and within walking distance of Eastgate Shopping Centre and Bedford Centre